Exterior Furniture

If your office has access to gardens or an outside area that currently has no use, add some furniture and make it a space away from the office where your employees can enjoy their lunch break.

Add a couple of benches at the front of the property where guests can wait when they're early for meeting or a notice board to inform people of events happening within the business.

Many people find it difficult to find durable, outdoor furniture that looks aesthetically pleasing. A lot of garden furniture is plastic or wooden, both of which are not sustainable when it comes to fighting the elements.

Through recent developments there is a small market that is growing in fibreglass moulded furniture. Glass reinforced plastic is being used by designers who have created many different designs of benches and other furniture.

The excellent thing about GRP benches is that they require zero maintenance, they provide outstanding strength capabilities and the sleek modern design makes it weatherproof.










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